Flower Care



Enjoy your flowers at 100%

Clean Vase

Making the most of your flowers

Preserving the beauty of your bouquet 

Our bouquets are carefully made for each occasion. However, it is necessary that you follow the recommendations hereafter to enjoy your flowers as long as possible.

- Cut the stems

- Place the flowers in water with feed

- Choose an appropriate place

First of all you need a clean vase. It must be free of germs or any soap residue.

Clean the vase each time you change the water.

Mix the flower food with water according to instructions. It provides all the necessary ingredients to hydrate fresh cut flowers.

Most flowers prefer lukewarm water because compared with cold it has fewer air bubbles, which could block water intake in the stems. 

To ensure that your bouquet of flowers retains the shape as arranged, under no circumstances should you open the string (if there is one tied around the stems). This ensures that your bouquet will keep its shape for longer - in terms of appearance as well as condition. Remove leaves that have fallen into the water, and dead heads. These would otherwise accelerate the natural withering process.

Make a good cut

Wonderful in the shade

Keep fruits away

Daily refill

To ensure that your flowers can soak up sufficient water quickly, you should cut the stems with a sharp knife before placing them in the vase, and again a few days later. Please do not use scissors as these will squash the stems too much. If possible, make a slanted and long cut downwards.

The right location also determines how long you can enjoy your flowers. For the longest life, keep your flowers away from direct sunlight, heat and drafts.


Fruits permanently emit ethylene gas. It accelerates the ripening process of apples, pears, etc. Avoid placing your bouquet near a fruit bowl.

A little amount of water will always evaporate, so top up the vase daily with fresh water. After three days the water should be replaced completely. Make sure you clean the vase thoroughly each time you change the water.



































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