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Send Flowers to The UK: Local, Proven, Reliable!

Flowers are perceived to be the universal language of love, care, affection, and appreciation - for a person, a happening, or an event. So to help you have it anytime and anywhere, we are operating the most prominent European online flower delivery platform, and we continually try to make it stand up to your highest expectations.

With our local and professional flower delivery, the UK is now open to receive your regards in the form of fresh, colorful, and hand-picked flower arrangements suitable for a variety of purposes.

Who is our assistance suitable for, and how does it guarantee a flawless experience for everyone involved? Find out in the following short paragraphs about our UK flower delivery service. 

Flower Delivery for Personal Occasions

A birthday, an anniversary, an engagement, a wedding, or anything else - sending flowers to loved ones in the UK will help you stay present, even if you cannot participate physically.

Our variety of flower gifts is ideally fitting for romantic and friendship-based gifts with or without specific occasions needed. They can arrive at any time and any place, thus bringing a symbol of your appreciation in a thoughtful and considerate manner. 

Flowers & Bouquets For Public and Official Events

Flower baskets and classic posies are specially made to tailor the character of different, more official and grand events. Group gatherings, concerts, official or private events - they all require a bit more distinguished maneuvering than an ordinary flower bouquet can ever bring. 

When you want to send flowers, a special someone in the UK can receive them in the form of different-sized baskets, wreaths, and gift baskets arranged with fresh seasonal flowers. Deliveries are available for private and public locations with unrestricted access - all you need to do is choose the design, pick the address, and let us do the rest for you. 

Send Flowers to the UK for Any Occasion

Pure and serene, flowers can convey diverse messages and symbols. At Fleurop, we stand by you both in good times and hardships, and we do it wholeheartedly. 

As a part of our UK flower catalog, you can find plenty of alternatives for saying your final goodbyes - with hand-arranged funeral sprays in different shapes, sizes, and flower combinations. From eternal white lily to lilac and iris alternatives, we will deliver your never-fading appreciation for the deceased. 

Made with Love and Delivered with Care

Our handmade bouquets are composed and orchestrated by 100% local, professional, and proven florists with whom we maintain fruitful long-term partnerships.

With the fast UK delivery, our flowers are always guaranteed to arrive fresh and good-looking, thus passing your message in the most beautiful way possible.

Send flowers to our most popular destinations in the UK

We can offer you even a same-day delivery, available for all purchases finished until 2PM local time. Our range of delivery spreads throughout many of the large cities around the UK, including but not limited to:


  • London
  • Manchester
  • Glasgow
  • Birmingham 
  • Bristol
  • Edinburgh
  • Cardiff
  • Liverpool
  • Cambridge
  • And many more.


Preparing a Delivery to the UK

All you need to do is fill in the built-in purchasing form on our website, proceed with perfectly secure payment, and wait until we bring your regards to the ones you care about - just the way you like it and just the way they deserve it. 

Do you offer same day delivery?

Yes. Enjoy same day delivery for purchases made up until 2PM local time.


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