General Delivery Information

Fleurop Interflora can deliver your order within hours anywhere in the world! Due to the various time zones and public business hours in each countries, same day delivery can only be guaranteed under the following conditions:

  • All orders should be placed before 2PM (local time of the country of delivery).
  • We cannot guarantee deliveries on weekends and public holidays. Campgrounds, military bases, boats, sea-ports or airports are not guaranteed delivery addresses.


Delivery Address

Please check carefully that the delivery address, including local telephone number, is complete and correct. We cannot accept any liability for late or non-delivery due to an incorrect or incomplete address. To ensure that the florist is able to deliver on time, the following additional information are a must: 

  • For hospital deliveries, the room number and last name are compulsory. The delivery is only granted tothe reception desk of the hospital.
  • For hotel deliveries, the room number and the name under which the recipient is registered (e.g. group, Mr. and Mrs., etc.). The delivery is only granted to the reception desk of the hotel.

Order Confirmation

For every order placed, you will receive by email an order confirmation within a few minutes including your order number and detailed information of the purchased product.  

If the delivery confirmation is missing, please check the spam folder. If you do not find your order confirmation send us an email at

Delivery Date

As a general rule, delivery takes place on the requested date, during business days.


  • 14 February - Valentine's Day: Due to the high order volume, orders for Valentine's Day, particularly to business addresses, may exceptionally be delivered early or after Valentine's Day, subject to fresh flower availability.
  • Orders for Mother's Day are generally delivered on the Saturday before. Orders placed at short notice may be delivered on the Monday after.
  • Christmas and New Year orders are generally delivered 2 - 3 days prior to the requested delivery date.

Guarantee Time for Orders

Please take into account time zone differences.

Also, we do not have any delivery time guarantee, unless for funerals and weddings.

We are unable to guarantee deliveries on weekends or public holidays. Camping grounds, military bases, ships, harbors and airports are not guaranteed delivery addresses.


In Case of Absence of the Recipient 

In the absence of the recipient, our florist member will contact the recipient by phone and try to arrange a redelivery. 

If the florist is unable to deliver the flowers and unable to reach the recipient within 24 hours after the first attempt of delivery, the florist will inform us of the non-delivery and you will be informed by email that no delivery could be made. 






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