Flowers OK but which ones? If you don’t know what to give to strong-willed action junkies or brand-new mothers, which colour is right for business events and New Year, or which colour is the one most often ordered from, then you’ve come to the right place!


Red Flowers - Red flowers: These are suitable not just for Romeos and Juliets who are very much in love, but also for fiery Arians and other determined and strong-willed action junkies.
Red stands for love, romance, joie de vivre, communication, energy and thirst for action.
Blue Flowers - Blue or purple flowers: With these, you just cannot go wrong. For – in combination with yellow or white – these are very frequently ordered from
By the way, blue or purple flowers have a very good calming effect.

Pink Flowers - Pink-coloured flowers: The first butterflies in your tummy? Then it must be time for a delicate pink bouquet! By the way: Pink is also suitable for births and engagements, since:
Pink is the quintessential colour for femininity and affection, but also expresses awakening feelings.
Green Flowers - Green flowers: .. there aren’t very many, but greenery needs to be in a bouquet.
Since green stands for nature, cheerfulness and relaxation, a natural green element in a bouquet is welcomed by everyone.

Orange Flowers - Orange-coloured flowers: These are the absolute encouragement and are actually suitable always and everywhere, even when visiting people who are ill.
Orange stands for strength, endurance and ambition and is also supposed to be conducive to health and be restorative and improve performance.
White Flowers - White flowers: These are suitable for births, marriages, New Year and turning points in life, ... plus of course as funereal floral tributes. In addition, they stand for lifestyle in its purest form.
That much contrariness is no surprise though, Since white stands for the beginning and the end and purity and death.
Yellow Flowers - Yellow flowers: These are not just very popular in a private context, but also in day to day business routine.
Yellow stands for strength and openness... and will bring someone good cheer.
Coloured Flowers - Brightly-coloured flowers: Who says that men do not give bouquets as a present? Men don’t share this view, since more and more male Customers order flowers ...and to be precise for themselves.
Tip: Men like multi-colours. In addition, they have a weakness for trendy and unconventional bouquets.

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